Truffles are highly sought after fungi that can be found in the Pacific Northwest region of North America, among many other areas of the globe – most famously are the white truffles of Piedmonte, Italy – Tuber magnatum. They have their own unique flavor and aroma. To understand more, see my blog articles about truffles.  Want to grow truffles in the USA, ask us – here at Pacific Truffle Growers, we do truffles right!



Why plant just truffle trees, knowing they will produce truffles far into the future generations of your family. Why not plant a diversity of species of food producing trees that will feed your family for generations? Planting trees will always increase the value of your land and provide a diversity of ecological importance to the organisms that live in the space you provide. Think forward! Think of Food Forests for the FUTURE! Ask us about this empowering and delicious opportunity when you schedule a consultation with us. 

What is Mycorrhizae

What Is Mycorrhizae?

“Mycorrhizae” describes a cooperative relationship between specialist fungus and plant roots. It is a mutually beneficial interaction where the plant gives the fungus carbohydrates, and

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