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Stephanie Jarvis, MSc

Stephanie S. Jarvis has been farming about truffles and medicinal fungi in California for almost 15 years. Her endeavors in scholastic achievements include a Masters of Science in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Mycology from San Francisco State University, completing a monograph of the Lycoperdaceae (puffball fungi) of California. She has a Bachelor of Science double major in Plant Physiology and Organic Chemistry from Sonoma State University were she was a research assistant on the Sudden Oak Death research team. 

In 2010 Stephanie become a Certified Arborist and a Certified Tree Risk Assessor. For the Western Chapter of the ISA, she created a CEU accredited training program to teach about fungi and assess trees at risk of failure due to fungal pathogens. In 2012 Ms. Jarvis completed an internship at Aloha Medicinals, a mushroom farm in Cason City, NV. The following year she graduated from a training program with Paul Stamets at Fungi Perfecti in Olympia, WA. 

S. Jarvis began her consultation company, Pacific Truffle Growers (PTG), due to multiple requests to consult in truffle orchards, restore health to trees and test soils and roots for fungal cultivars.  SO BEGAN her journey and her a passion to rehabilitate trees and research how best to grow truffle fungi from Europe in Western US habitats.  With PTG she manages truffle orchards throughout Northern California, and consults on projects in Oregon,  Washington and most recently in North Carolina. Stephanie often takes friends and family mushroom foraging and enjoys sharing her knowledge of fungi and the medicinal uses of fungi by appointment and consultation. Stephanie is a plant enthusiast and has been collecting rare species of Philodendron & aroid plants since 2000.

Stephanie is also studies the Enneagram, and is a Somatic Release Breathwork Practitioner. Ask Her about doing Breath Work! 


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