Consultation and Orchard Services

Orchard Services We Offer

Pacific Truffle Growers provides comprehensive and professional orchard services that are tailored to the specific demands of orchard owners and operators. We seek to enhance the production, health, and profitability of your orchard by utilizing our experience and in-depth understanding of orchard management procedures. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to producing great outcomes and assuring your orchard business’s long-term success. Contact us today to discuss your orchard management requirements and objectives.

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Free Consultation

15-minute Zoom Call or Phone Call Consulting appointment.

Let's Go For A Hike!

Let’s go on a private mushroom hunting course in the woods.

Scientific Evaluation

Soil science and DNA analysis on roots and soils.

Discussing Fungi as Medicine

Fungi are a powerful medicine and very misunderstood. Let’s talk fungi!

Onsite Consulting

Site evaluation for planting trees or rehabilitating an orchard.

Monthly Service Plan

Weekly orchard services is an all work package.